Monday, July 22, 2013


 So, another year between posts but I still have the Minox and still use it every so often. I'm hoping that there will be an improved version one day as I still think it's an excellent size and form and could be so much more useable than it is. Anyway... Here is a picture from Yeovilton air show. It was one of the hottest days of the year and 30,000 people turned up to watch the Fleet Air Arm's annual airshow. Once again, the last remaining airworthy Avro Vulcan was the star of the show. Every time we see it we're told it may be the last year it'll be able to fly. There's currently an initiative to take it flying into 2015, details here:

 I do enjoy an air show which is somewhat perverse as I'm scared stiff of flying. I'd certainly risk it all for a flight in a Spitfire though, or even a ride in the BBMF Lancaster would do me fine. Other stars of this year's display included an excellent Saab Gripen which did a superb noisy display which appealed to the small boy in me. Will try not to leave it another year to post again...

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