Friday, August 19, 2011

Back from the Dead

If you go back to the very first post I made on this blog you'll notice a picture of the digital minox sitting alongside the beautiful original Minox iii from the 1950s. Well this camera hasn't been used for years, mainly due to the difficulty of getting film developed and the cost involved when it has been possible. Luckily, minox themselves have continued to sell film in their own format so what we might call 'Minoxing the analogue way' has been able to continue in this instant world.

Anyway, I caught wind of a brave company in Burnley who have a passion for all things film and heard that they were prepared to have a go at Minox film. I found this hard to believe, as even when minox were relatively popular I still had to send films to Germany for development and tiny, fuzzy prints. So i sent off my two ancient films and waited for development and scans to cd to arrive, which they did today! I'm going to be posting a few of these as they are indeed 'digital' just in a slightly more roundabout and filmic way.

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