Thursday, July 22, 2010

The half painted bridge

Here's a shot from the back of the train today. I was asked to take a trip to Gunnislake which is about 40 minutes from Plymouth and just over the border into Cornwall. As you can see from the picture the weather shows that the English summer is back to its best!

The bridge you can see in this photo is only half painted and has been so for years. It's like that because half of it is in one local authority's land and the other half belongs to another. One council decided to paint their half and the other didn't (or couldn't) It has therefore been left half rusty and half painted.

The other amusing story connected with today was that I was only working on this train due to the discovery of a wasps nest at Gunnislake station. The chap who should have been on the train apparently is highly allergic to the little beasties so I had to tear myself away from the messroom television for my little trip to Cornwall!

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